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Cannon Characters


Alexia Branson

Davina Claire


Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova

Elijah Mikaelson

Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvtore

Elena Gilbert

Bonnie Bennett

Lucy Bennett

Jeremy Gilbert

Jenna Sommers

John Gilbert

 Tyler Lockwood

Carol Lockwood


Matt Donavan

Greta Martin

Jonas Martin

Kelly Donavan

Andie Star

Tatia Petova

Esther Mikaelson

Emily Bennett

Shelia Bennett

Jane-Anne Deveraux

 Sophie Deveraux

 Mikael Mikaelson

Kol Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

Finn Mikaelson





Alaric Saltzman

Caroline Forbes

Vicki Donovan







Connor Jordan

 Liz Forbes

Matt Donovan

Carol Lockwood

Atticus Shane

 Mason Lockwood




Jacob Lockwood

George Lockwood


Barnette Lockwood

Niklaus Mikaelson

 Ray Sutton



Daniel Warren









~Made Up Characters~


Samantha Salvatore
(Lyndsy Fonseca)

 Lillian Mikealson

More Coming Soon

Due to lack of Cannon Characters, we are no longer accepting Made Up Characters


Red River Renonvations

The site will be changes to look and work better. You will still be able to log on and RP with other members.

21/02/2014 20:39


The number of members on this site is slowly decreasing. We aren't in double digits anymore! I would love it if you guys could let people know of this site. With more people this site can keep running on an exciting level. Thanks!

24/01/2014 23:42

Having Trouble RP

Having trouble RPing? Don't get the concept or just arent good enough? Our staff is here to help! In the destinations area there is a forum to help with RPing. Ask questions to the staff, examples, and even more! After that you will become an ...

26/10/2013 17:24

Open for Business

Finely, we are open and ready to go! Welcome to Red River Mysteries. Please read most to all the main page. Also, please get this site out there. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Friends, etc. Thank you for joining. Please do follow the rules and ...

26/10/2013 07:03


 welcome pic

The small town of Mystic Falls Virginia is a rollercoaster of drama and emotions that never seems to come to an end.
Vampires, werewolves, and witches oh my! The town is crawling with mystical creatures such as these and more. It all started 1,000 years ago with the Original Family. All humans at that point in time. Their mother, a witch, poisions her children, Rebekah, Finn, Elijah, Kol and Niklaus, and kills them. They are then changed into vampires. Starting the rein of terror for the earth.  Only a certain bark of a certain tree with a certain dagger can take down an Original.
And then starts the Petrova line begins with Tatiana, a woman fought over by Klaus and Elijah she helped turn them into vampires with their mother Esther. Tatiana made Klaus' werewolf side dormant.
Katerina Petrova then exists 500 years later. After boreing a child she never got to see, her father expels her from her family. She then finds herself with Klaus and Elijah. Klaus was to use Katherine to 'awaken' his werewolf side. But when Katerina finds out she takes the moon stone and flees. Trevor finds Katerina in the woods when Klaus and Elijah are well on her trail and takes her to Roses' cabin. She is then hidden there in a small room when she shows Rose the moonstone. At the end of the night Katerina kills herself with Roses blood in her system. She fled that place for good. She ran for years afraid that Klaus or Elijah would catch her and didn't want to die or get tortured for leaving.
 Katerina now calling herself Katherine Pierce finds herself in the small town of Mystic Falls. She then entangles herself and the Salvatore brothers in her little love triangle. Then as deaths started to occur, and they weren't just animal attacks. The town then went on a vampire rampage. After Stefan was dosed with vervain and Katherine tried to drink his blood. Giuseppe his father then took Katherine away. Damon now angry with Stefan, and Stefan went to save Katherine and were then shot by their own father. Emily took the boys while most of the vampires were locked in the basement of the church and it was burnt down. Katherine got out alive. Emily took care of and tried to help the Salvatore brothers until she was taken and killed at the witch burial ground.
Damon swore to be a curse to his brother forever then left.
And this is were I come in. I found Stefan in a Military camp looking for wounded soldiers to kill. Believe it or not Stefan was the 'bad boy' of the brothers at that time. I helped him to become a better vampire.
Then in 2010 I came back to Mystic Falls to celebrate Stefans birthday! Yay! Not really, that night Damon got me killed. But here I am back and better then ever. Sorta living and stuff.

Welcome To Red River Mysteries!
Keep Scrolling To Learn More.


This Site Is Copyright Protected. Any ideas, spinoffs, or other idea taken from this site is illegal and will be reported to Mixxt. Also if you do steal anything that myself or Samantha Salvatore own then you will be reported or will be asked to change the whole thing. We wll hold no tolerance to anyone stealing anything on this site. If you want something from this site please do ask.

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Made up/Cannon:




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Any Experience Roleplaying The Character You've Chosen?:


Example of Roleplay:




Name: Lexi Branson


Made up/Cannon: Cannon


Personality: Usually kind and level headed unless you are on my bad side. Good with advice.

 History (Basic): I'm a vampire that is over 300 years old. I helped Stefan when he was a beginning vampire. 

Species: Vampire


Any Experience Roleplaying The Character You've Chosen: Yup

Example of Roleplay: Lexi looked torward where the sound was emitting and slowly moved towards it. 


Rules photo

Ahh the rules no one likes them, even me sometimes, but we need them. Please follow them accordingly any questions please contact the admin and/or moderator.

1. Please Read The Main Page Upon or After Joining. Rules and story must be known or roleplaying cannot be done correctly.

2. No harsh fighting. Yes there will be drama, especially during roleplay, but yelling at some with paraentheses or backslashes or on their pinboard is not acceptable. You cannot yell at someone as yourself during or not in role play. If you do this, the result will be immediate deletion.

3. Swearing is  acceptable. Just nothing racially offensive.

4. After joining send an application immediately. When accepted add all the staff as friends. If Alexis is not on during a duration of time, then you will just have to be patient.

5. You will start out single when you join. Its like being born. You're not born engaged to someone...naturally. The show is kind of different from here.

6. Sexual Content is acceptable.

7. If you see and know or are unsure of a rule being broken please report it as soon as possible.

8. 3 strikes as your out. You have 3 warnings, after that your deleted and your character is open.

9. When a characters name is crossed off, then that character is taken and you must pick another.

10. Rarely, but I do, reserve characters for people. You must have a very good reason that you need to be that character.

11. Be respectful of other members, especcially staff. You will be given one warning for this.

12. Do not make a forum without the Admins permission. Its gets to be too much and disorganized.

13. Be active as possible. Please try to explain if you cannot be on for an extended amount of time. You do NOT have to be detailed in explaining, and you must give us a legit time of inactivity. If you are 2 days longer then expected then you will be deleted.

14. If you are a "made-up" character and would like to be related to another member, please let the Admin know and she will decide.

15. Please follow the Application so ther is no confusion. EX: Damon was born June 18th 1840, and would be around 173, so you cannot say he was 1000 years old.

16. Unrated Site. You have been warned.

Thank You for reading, respecting, and following the rules. If you have an problems please contact the staff. :D


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